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Two requests for DAMP, one common, one obscure

Feb 15, 2013 at 8:48 PM
1) Would be nice to have a feature where DAMP could either open to the last-used folder, or cache the most recently-opened tree to that folder so that it loads quickly the next time we invoke the DAMP datatype. I often have situations where I'm processing several files from the same Media node folder (on multiple pages), and DAMP has to reload the whole tree each time we invoke it. I know we can set a start node for DAMP, but we'd have to create tons of document types to pull that off; would be great to just have quick-access to the last-used media folder. Relatedly (non-DAMP), would be nice if the generic Hyperlink picker in the TinyEdit datatype would operate the same way.

2) This is so rarely used by anyone I shouldn't even mention it; but as I'm pulling in old content into our new Umbraco site, I happen to know the full URLs of all the media nodes. But we have DAMP set as the media picker for a field. Would love to be able to have the option to just type the URL (like /media/19999843/agenda.pdf) and have DAMP just verify that the node exists. Would save the time of traversing to the node.